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    We’re meeting the challenges of the future through trust and a proven track record.

    The development of more high-quality materials is essential in any age, and it is a timeless focus for us.
    Since the establishment of Hisagoya in 1930, we have not limited our resource development to Japan; rather, we have taken an overseas perspective in the pursuit of quality sand. Today, we possess numerous mines throughout the country, including Mikoyama Mine in Tottori, one of Japan’s most resource-rich prefectures, and Nippyo Mine in Tochigi. We do mining and extraction of sand that is excellent in quality and granularity.
    Japanese industry is currently in a historic period of transition, and a type of technological innovation known as “project innovation” is being enthusiastically embraced. Remarkable progress is being made in science and technology, which bear the responsibility for industrial development. Top-quality materials are an essential element of that, and sand is no exception.
    At Hisagoya, we diligently continue to pursue our mission of technical research into mineral resources, particularly casting sand.

    Company Name Hisagoya Co., Ltd.
    Head office photograph
    Founded April, 1930
    Representative President-director Akito Horie
    Capital 19,290,000
    Headquarters 3-10-10 Jingu, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya 456-0031 Japan
    Phone 052-681-6821
    Segments ■Mining of casting sand and ceramics materials as well as manufacturing and sales
    ■Manufacturing and sales of coated sand for shell molds
    ■Sales of mold products
    ■Sales of sandblasting materials and silica sand for construction materials
    ■Plant design and construction
    ■Recycling, collection, transportation, and final processing of industrial waste mold materials
    ■All business operations related to the above
    History ■Uchidabashi Branch, Bank of Nagoya
    ■Nagoya Ekimae Branch, Mizuho Bank
    ■Uchidabashi Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ



    April 1930 Established in Fukagawa-Saga, Koto Ward, Kyoto as a private shop (run by the founder) called Hisogaya Shokai. Begins sales of mold sand and secondary mold materials with a focus on the Kanto area.
    April 1941 Reorganizes as Hisago Chuzai Co., Ltd. Expands business and concurrently begins development and sales of Noma sand particularly in Noma, Chita Peninsula, Aichi. Opens Noma business office.
    July 1951 Merges with sales company Fukoku Sangyo Co., Ltd., a company that handles steel casting and malleable cast iron. Renamed to Hisago Sangyo Co., Ltd.
    October 1951 Omiya Imono Co., Ltd. established for the purpose of malleable cast iron production.
    May 1,1957 Hisagoya Co., Ltd. is spun off for the purpose of expanding our range of operations and improving services for clients. The company works to improve sales of casting sand and secondary materials. (Spin-off operations spanning east and west begin, with a focus on Shizuoka’s business sector.)
    September 1959 Toki Kogyo Co., Ltd. is established for the purpose of producing potter’s clay and natural silica sand.
    December 1961 Hisagoya Kogyo Co., Ltd. is established in respond to the increasing demand for synthetic silica sand.
    July 1962 Kuwana factory is established in Kuwana, Mie. Production of shell mold coated sand and shell cores begins.
    April 1963 Kishiwada factory is established in Kishiwada, Osaka. Production of shell mold coated sand begins.
    October 1963 Shimane office is opened in Gotsu, Shimane. Water washing and drying of silica sand from Mikoyama Mine as Iwami silica sand begins.
    November 1973 A permit is obtained for collection, transport, and final disposal of industrial waste (slag). Afterward, permits are obtained in other regions.
    October 1974 Kanda office is opened in Kanda, Miyako District, Fukuoka as a supply base for foundry sand in the Kyushu area. Foundry sand drying and coated sand production begins.
    April 1985 Omiya Imono Co., Ltd. is shut down, and Yachiyo Corporation is established. The company works to increase sales of cast parts, metal dies, and wooden forms.
    April 1,1987 Hisagoya Co., Ltd. and Hisago Sangyo Co., Ltd. merge on an equal basis. The new company, Hisagoya Co., Ltd., is inaugurated with the main purpose of improving the quality of its operations, revitalize the company’s organization, to expand its sales channels and market, and to improve R&D and services.
    May 2005 The Kuwana office obtains ISO 9001 certification.
    February 2008 The Kyushu office obtains ISO 14001 certification, which continues to the present.

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