The casting process

Hisago SG Coated Sand

Hisago SG Coated Sand is a new coated sand product that has excellent anti-odor characteristics among its environmental resistance qualities, yet it offers the same productivity as traditional products, with excellent casting characteristics that include improvements to peel-back resistance, internal hardness, sand discharge qualities, and filling ability, as well as fewer gas defects, better casting surfaces, and fewer casting defects.

Anti-odor and anti-smoke qualities

Hisago Coated Sand reduces irritating odors and fuming during casting and pouring.

SGRCStraditional productsreduction rate

Good hollowness, sand discharge qualities, and internal hardness

Good hollowness, sand discharge qualities, and internal hardness

Casting defect improvement examples

★Casting surface improvement ~SG Coated Sand offers good casting surfaces thanks to its mold filling ability.

SG Coated Sandtraditional products
★Gas porosity reduction

SG Coated Sand is effective at reducing pinholes and other gas porosity defects by minimizing the initial outgassing volume.

<Product examples>

Product nameSG28SG25SG64
Resin volume2.82.52.2
Strength Mpa7.0-9.06.5-8.56.0-8.0
MoldStackStackNon-hollow core
MaterialCast ironCast ironCast iron
ApplicationProduction partsAutomobile partsAutomobile parts
Gas defect reduction90% reductionImproved yields60% reduction

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