Special mold aggregates

Here are the properties, application examples, and ingredients of Chinese spherical aluminum casting aggregate and Hisago AC Aluminum Sand.

Hisago AC Aluminum Sand


AC Aluminum Sand is a spherical casting aggregate, composed mainly of aluminum (Al203), offering cooling, low-expansion, and fracture-resistant properties.

-Application examples-

Casting materialMoldEfficacy
ACast ironAlkali phenol Mold wash reduction, waste reduction
BCast ironFuranGood cast surfaces
CAluminumPhenol urethaneCold metal reduction, organization miniaturization
DCast iron, copper alloysShell coreGas removal, crack reduction

-granules picutre(100 times)-
granules picutre(100 times)

-Ingredient list-

Main mineral and chemical formulasChemical ingredientsBulk specific gravityRefractorinessFracture resistivity
(vs. AFS)
Corundum, Al2O3Al2O3 70~80%1.91850℃1.01 Unusually hard

No. mesh1826365070100140200280PANAFS
Fineness distribution#307.628.234.923.

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