What is Algrit?

 Algrit is an advanced abrasive material for sandblasting. It is a synthetic abrasive material made by melting alumina in electric furnaces, with bauxite as its main ingredient, and because it is suitable for a variety of applications, it is a high-performance product made through regulation of its chemical constituents, particle size, toughness, and surface qualities.


珪砂 ビーナスサンドガーネットアルグリットダイヤモンド

Properties as a sandblasting material

 The raw ingredient from which Algrit is made is one of the most chemically stable ampholytes among all ceramics, and it is non-reactive with almost all other chemicals. As an abrasive material with high hardness, it is ideal for the surface treatment of concrete as well as metal, as well as for removing paint.


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