What is Garnet?

 Garnet is a high-peformance natural abrasive material for sandblasting.
“Garnet” is also the generic name of the substance, and it has been widely used since ancient times as a gemstone and grinding material. It has the properties of a hard, high-density mineral with a specific gravity of 3.9-4.1 and a Mohs’ hardness of 7.5-8.0 (new Mohs hardness of 10). Additionally, garnet is broadly divided into aluminum-based pyralspite and calcium-based ugrandite. This garnet product is made of alamandine, a type of pyralspite, and it has the hardest structure of all garnet.


■Hardness comparison with main natural minerals
Silica sandB'nas-sandGarnetAlgrit Diamond
Mohs' hardness5.57~7.57.5~8(10)8.510(15)
Knoop hardness


Properties as a sandblasting material

 In general, the grinding performance of an abrasive material improves in proportion to its hardness and specific gravity. The use of garnet results in major improvements to work efficiency due to its high hardness and specific gravity, which are properties of this mineral. One major point on usage is that the particles do not have sharp angles, so even when they are projected at the base material, it will not be finely ground, and it will produce almost no dust. This not only provides control over contamination of the nearby environment, but it also makes it possible to ensure the physical safety of sandblasting operators. Additionally, because garnet is a natural mineral, free silica contains no heavy metals to begin with, so waste disposal after use is simple.


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